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Welcome to my blog I'm a wedding photographer in the San Francisco Bay Area, with a very simple philosophy and style:
I shoot life, as it happens. I thrive on shooting split-second moments that mark
life-altering experiences: an extended gaze, a touch of the hand, a tearful smile.

I capture the details that few people notice, the moments everyone wants to remember,
and ultimately the feelings that can be relived, over and over, for years and decades to come.

Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I hope it gives you some
insight into my skills, experience and professionalism. Please contact me if you
have any questions or are interested booking an appointment.


Email: tylervu@gmail.com   ::  Phone: 408.888.9180

To view my portfolio, please visit www.tylervu.com

Clients may view their gallery by clicking on Client log-in.

Here is my latest placement in the prestigious Fearless Photographers awards (Only one this time). Competition is getting much tougher as more members grew and over 1500 images were submitted. Curators this time were Brett Butterstein, Tony Hoffer, Christina Craft, Davina Palik and Scott Lewis. As you can see from the Fearless Round 5 Gallery, it was not easy to be selected.

Fearless Round 5 Award_TylerVu.jpg
The truth is, this image was the last one I though that would be recognized form this round.

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Ceremony Venue: Hastings House at Half Moon Bay
Hastings House Coordinator and Owner: Linda Montalto Patterson
Reception: Cetrella Restaurant at Half Moon Bay
Officiant and Father of the Bride: Pastor John Sullivan
Make-up: Emily Nguyen
String Quartet: CYS Quartet
Flowers: Johnny Nguyen and Best Man


Thank you Katie, Matt, John, Sharon, Dale, Patricia, Kristin, Johnny, Simona, Nancy, Justin and Benny for treating us so well and made me and Calvin feel so comfortable.




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Kristin oh:

This is a great teaser!! Can't wait to see the rest!

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Venue: Canyon View Dining Hall
Hotel: Resident Inn San Ramon
Make-up: Josephine Harmon Fine Makeup Artistry
Video: Rene and Nicole, NCompass Cinema







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These are beautiful Tyler! Thank you for capturing the precious moments of our family's special occasion.

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Venue: Palm Event Center
Day of Coordinator: Annie Ngo, Palm Event Center
Hotel: Courtyard Marriott Livermore
Flowers: Floral Design Studio
Cake: Cake Delight
Music: DJ Bob Mutzi






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John Kothanek:

These are great pictures and as a wannabe photographer I have to say your wedding photographer did a great job. Excellent photos that aren't the typical wedding shots. He has a good eye as they say and that ultimately is the most important part. Anyhow, my wife and I were very happy and honored to be included in this blessed event. I can tell everyone, as Shenay's boss, with a different view point from friends and family that Shenay is a great man, an honorable man, a great leader and his work ethic is incredible. A wise man once told me to be successful you must make sure you surround yourself with people that are smarter than you are and people who you can trust to always do the right thing. And Shenay is exactly that to me, I honestly could not do this without his help. I hope he stays with us for a long time.

I am very happy for you both and over the last year, I saw a man who worked harder than any man I have ever known doing his best to make sure that his bride had an amazing wedding and it surely was exactly that and he still gave 110% at work. I don't know Rosa but she must be a remarkable woman to find someone already so devoted to making sure she is happy. Congratulations Mr and Mrs Shenay Torpis. My wife and I truly wish you both all the happiness in the world. - John K

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